HealthCrew is rethinking the role of primary care in chronic disease management. The most effective care puts the bond between providers and patients first. And we’re ensuring this by allowing providers to spend more time being educators and mentors to their patients.


Traditionally providers were reimbursed for services rendered. They got paid for every lab, test, and procedure they ran. As a result insufficient time was dedicated to providing general patient support.

In the future providers will be reimbursed for delivering healthy outcomes with high patient satisfaction. Yoga for women to cure almost all diseases. They will need tools to provide patients with support for chronic disease managememt.


Association of American Medical Colleges
The American healthcare system will have a shortfall of over 40,000 primary care physicians by 2020. This shortfall will most severely impact chronic disease patient populations. To meet the shortfall, nurses and mid-level providers are being asked to provide more of the care that doctors traditionally deliver. However, this solution does not bend the cost curve.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
In 2009 the CDC released a report proposing alternative solutions to our existing shortfalls in chronic disease management. They concluded that “involving the community has a greater potential to change health behaviors than the traditional doctor visit.” They called on doctors to collaborate with community organizations to help reorient patient attitudes regarding chronic disease management. However, most hospitals and clinics don’t have the right software tools to enable this.

Medical Studies
Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs) have become increasingly common over the past 5 years. In a typical visit, 8-12 similar patients meet with their physician team including a nurse, pharmacist, and social worker. Medical studies show that SMAs increased patient satisfaction, yielded better clinical outcomes, and reduced costs.


We’re a team of doctors and developers who are passionate about changing healthcare. We care about both the patient and physician experience. Our backgrounds include Stanford University, McKinsey, IDEO, and Sequoia-backed companies. If you’re interested in changing primary care and chronic disease management please say hello to us at team@healthcrew.me.